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Our Treatment Foster Care Program utilizes a team approach to Treatment Foster Care – integrating the youth, the youth’s biological family, foster family, therapists, and the program supervisor.

The program is a community-based treatment alternative to institutionalization, specifically for youths who have a history of law violations, family problems, aggression, drug and alcohol use, poor social skills, and/or low self-esteem.

Participating youths are placed in Treatment Foster Care Certified homes, with foster parents who are recruited, trained, and supervised by our Treatment Foster Care Staff. A daily treatment plan is developed for each child and is implemented in the foster home. Close supervision and consistent, contingent, nonviolent discipline methods are emphasized in the treatment plan. The goal of the program is to systematically change the child’s social environment to control antisocial behavior and encourage appropriate prosocial behavior, while developing academic skills. Further, the youths in the program are almost always enrolled in a new school system, to allow them to have a fresh start.

Benefits to this program include: 1) cost effective (generally less than half the price of residential placement), 2) places the child in the least restrictive setting possible, and 3) minimizes the influence of peers with similar problems.

Typical placement lasts from nine to twelve months. The goal is to initiate and coordinate changes in the youth, and to teach biological parents how to set reasonable limits and provide good supervision so the child returns to a home environment that will support the child’s prosocial development.

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