Want to get involved and make a difference? You can! Participate in our Stuff with Love Fund Raiser. How does this work? Simply call or stop by our office. Our office number is (989) 356-4567 Ext. 200 and our address is 1044 US 23 North, Alpena, MI. We have envelopes numbered from 1 to 144 on the outside. Simply choose a number. The number you choose is the number you wish to donate to our non-profit agency. If by chance a number you choose is taken, choose the next one up or the one below. Some envelopes may contain random $25 gift certificates to various retail and restaurant establishments. Funds are used to support children, youth and families served in our various programming such as Foster Care, Adoption, Compass North (Homeless Youth and Runaway Service) and Healthy Families America Day One.