Foster Care

Our General Foster Care Program includes case management and supervision of cases that involve children in foster care. Our role is to encourage and provide services to reach a specific case goal.

These goals can be one of five goals. Reunification, Adoption, Guardianship, Permanent Placement With a Fit and Willing Relative or Placement in Another Planned Permanent Living Arrangement. With Reunification, our agency works to provide services and supports to reunite children with their birth families. When reunification is not an option for children in foster care, then our agency wo to accomplish one of the other four goals.

Our agency strives to provide excellent services and supports for children, families and foster families. We promote reunification for children and birth families. We work closely with our foster parents and families to ensure that the needs of the children and the family are being met.

Our focus to ensure that the children we work with have all of their needs being met as well as ensuring they are in a safe and stable home environment.
We service the following counties: Alpena, Alcona, Montmorency, Iosco, Roscommon, Ogemaw, Oscoda, Crawford, Otsego, Cheboygan and Presque Isle.

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