Stuff with Love Fund Raiser

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Looking to help make a difference to youth, children and families? YOU CAN! Participate in our Stuff with Love Fund Raising Campaign. How does this work? Simply call or stop by our office. Our number is (989) 356-4567 Ext. 200 and address is 1044 US 23 North, Alpena, MI. We have envelopes numbered from 1 to 144. Simply choose an envelope and the number you choose is the monetary gift you wish to donate to our non-profit organization. Some envelopes contain random $25 gift certificates to various retail and restaurants in our community. Your gift helps us to support children in foster care, adoption, Compass North (homeless youth runaway) and Healthy Families America Day One (supporting pre-natal and new moms). You can also click the “donate” button on our website and the amount you enter will be the amount of the envelope between 1 and 144. If by chance you choose a number already taken, indicate whether you would like the next number up or below. Children, youth and families need our support. Supporting children, youth and families supports and strengthens our communities. Thank you for considering.