Types of Children Who Are Available for Adoption: Those whose biological parents parental rights have been terminated through the judicial process and children who have been voluntarily released by their parents.

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Our Treatment Foster Care Program utilizes a team approach to Treatment Foster Care – integrating the youth, the youth’s biological family, foster family, therapists, and the program supervisor.

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There are over 14,000 children in the foster care system in the State of Michigan. What does it take to become a licensed foster parent?

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Our General Foster Care Program includes case management and supervision of cases that involve children in foster care. Our role is to encourage and provide services to reach a specific case goal.

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The Day One Program is a voluntary program that works with all new parents to help them and their children get off to a healthy start.

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The research is clear: Children who start behind, stay behind. During the first 2,000 days between birth and their first day of kindergarten, 90% of a child’s brain is developed.

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  • Adoption hands

    Help us to make an adoption day really special!!

    It takes a village to raise a child, and in this case, to make a family….can you help? Alpena County is celebrating National Adoption day on November 25, 2014. It is a special day for all those whose adoptions are being finalized and there is a VERY SPECIAL adoption taking place this year in Alpena County.
    For this special little one it was questionable whether this day would ever come. Due to his severe medical needs and the fact that his medical professionals have declared that his life expectancy would not reach adulthood, finding him a forever home was difficult at best.
    This young man’s miracle came from a few states away. A wonderful family was located, and with an abundance of love and medical training, this family has accepted the challenge of raising this special little one.
    This is where we need your help. The adoption is being finalized here in Alpena, Michigan on November 25, 2014. The immediate family, as with most families, does not have the financial capacity to fly all of them here to Michigan to be present at the adoption finalization. It would forever make an impact on this family if our fantastic community could come together and fly this family to Michigan for this very special day. We have estimated that the expenses would total about $6000.
    Checks can be made payable to Child & Family Services NEMI, 1044 US 23 North, Alpena, MI 49707. All proceeds will go towards travel expenses for the family and the adoption day fund. If you have questions, feel free to call us at 989-356-4567

  • Anscheutz & Shoes

    Happy Feet!!

    Thanks to the Great Start Parent Coalition for the great idea for Happy Feet, to provide new shoes for all the Child & Family Services NEMI foster children. A huge thank you to those who donated shoes: Cliff Anschuetz Chevrolet, Young’s Appliance, Masters Shoes, Bay Athletic Club and Walmart, as well as people in the community who wanted to help out. It was a great success and so many helped out with this project

  • Posen boat float

    Posen Parade: Fun For All

    What a great time we had in Posen. A huge shout out of thanks to David Soderholm for letting us use his truck and bass boat as a float and for driving the truck!! Thanks as well to Jamie and her kids, Danielle and her kids, Brenda and her kid and son-in-law kid, Mary Soderholm for coming up with the idea and for being there, and Karen for being there and greeting all the great folks along the way!!

Foster Parents: Need training hours??

Here is a great link for news, information and to get your training hours!! Just go to:


and go to training/events link. You can take online classes and print out the certificate of completion after you have completed them!!